About Us

A travel guide and behind-the-scenes movie report rolled into one – Highway to Horror investigates the filming locations of cinema’s most iconic horror films.

We’re not just pointing you to places; we delve deep into the stories behind why these chilling locations were chosen, revealing the production tales that often go untold.

Was it the haunting beauty, a local legend, or perhaps an uncanny feeling that drew filmmakers to these spots? We dig into it all, wrapping it up with practical tips and insights for those brave enough to follow in their unsettling footsteps.

While we’re out and about, we’re stopping in at haunted roadside attractions and museum exhibits to make sure you won’t miss out on any other worthwhile experiences sure to appeal to any fan of the macabre.

So whether you’re a hardcore horror fan wanting to walk through the eerie settings of your favorite movies, or a curious traveler looking for a journey off the beaten path, Highway to Horror offers a unique perspective on travel, weaving together the threads of cinematic horror and real-world exploration.

Who’s the person behind Highway to Horror?

Hi! It’s me, Gem Seddon.

I have over ten years of freelance experience, contributing to renowned platforms such as Regal Cinemas, TechRadar, Vulture, GamesRadar+, Certified Forgotten, Digital Spy, and more.

My journey into the realm of horror movie locations began back in 2009 when I started blogging during a backpacking trip across the globe. In New Zealand, I was inspired to write about the Heavenly Creatures locations, and once in the US I got hooked and tracked down the Scream and Monster locations.

Over the years, my passion for exploring and sharing these macabre locales only grew. In fact, it led me to contribute to the DK Eyewitness Guide The Screen Traveler’s Guide which was published in October 2023 where I dove even deeper into the world of film locations. That commission inspired me to launch a movie location site with a bit of a difference. While I’ll include information on how to access them, I also wanted to include production and location histories where possible.

For more of portfolio please visit my freelance website.

Welcome to Highway to Horror – your one-way ticket into the heart of your favorite horror films.